Villa Vidal, a beautiful get-away rental home is located on the Caribbean Island of Dominica, West Indies.  Owners, Hislford and Burnette Vidal, Salisbury Village.

Welcome to Villa Vidal!
A luxurious estate located at Salisbury, Grand Savanne
Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies!

Hilsford & Burnette Vidal

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   Guest Comments  

"Our trip was AMAZING and your house is gorgeous!  Your friends/neighbors were so wonderful and very helpful.  They showed us around town the day after we arrived and they were a constant reference and guide during our stay on the Island.  Tony was just incredible - a man amongst men! He is genuinely in love with Dominica and it shined while he was showing taking us on hikes and showing us places that we would have never seen without his knowledge.  All in all we had some of the best 10 days of our lives and can't wait to return.  Thank you again for sharing your house and please don't hesitate if you ever need a liaison in Manhattan!"

All the best... J. and S. - New York


It was truly a pleasure meeting you in Dominica. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything. Your home and your hospitality was absolutely incredible and made our holiday that much more special! I will continue to brag about Dominica just as I always have but from now on I will include your home on top of the "Must Do" list along with the boiling lake.

As I mentioned, we had a small hick-up with the water and Tony was just as amazing! He was there right away and made sure everything was perfect! You have a great right-hand man there! (he also makes for a great guide! :-)

Thank you once again for helping make our holiday an unforgettable one!   Roberto F.






Discover Villa Vidal... an exquisite lodging opportunity found lonly on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean... Dominica.