Villa Vidal, a beautiful get-away rental home is located on the Caribbean Island of Dominica, West Indies.  Owners, Hislford and Burnette Vidal, Salisbury Village.

Welcome to Villa Vidal!
A luxurious estate located at Salisbury, Grand Savanne
Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies!

Hilsford & Burnette Vidal

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   Travel Tips  


Not certain what to do, where to go,

how to do it while on Dominica?  


Please inquire with us; we have several very good contacts on island that can provide you "local" information, about sight-seeing, hikes, beaches, scuba diving and other attractions.


As well, we can provide suggestions for arranging transportation to and from the airport and other Dominica destinations.  Need a local cell phone?  We can assist with that, too!

Arriving at the Airport or the Ferry Dock
and the Journey to Villa Vidal


We strongly suggest… if you have little or no experience driving on Dominica that you hire transport from the airport (located on the east coast near the town of Melville Hall) or the ferry dock (located on the west coast in the capital city of Roseau) to Villa Vida, especially if arriving around 4:30 pm or later in the afternoon at the airport. 


Driving on Dominica is very challenging especially at night, even more so if you are not certain of your destination! Driving on Dominica is not for the faint-of-heart and demands serious attention and concentration.  Note that traffic drives on the LEFT side of the road here; consequently, car steering wheels are located on the RIGHT side of the vehicle.  If arriving from America or other countries where traffic moves on the right, this is exactly the opposite of what you are used to and is trickier than you might expect. 


We can assist in making arrangements to have you picked up from the airport or ferry dock, or a taxis can be obtained as soon as you exit customs at either location.  Expect transportation cost from the airport to Villa Vidal to be approximately $45-$60 US, from the dock $25-$45 US.  From the airport, the trip will take approximately 1:15 to 1:45 minutes… from the dock approximately 30 minutes


Once arrived (at either location) expect to add on a least 30 minutes, or more, for getting through customs, collecting your luggage, etc., longer if filling out car rental paperwork at the airport… before you ever leave the vicinity.


If you are planning on renting a car, please know that arrangements can be made to have one dropped off at Villa Vidal and or some rental companies will pick you up at Villa Vidal and bring you to Roseau (Dominica’s capital city – about a 30 minute ride) to get your car in the daylight!  Please inquire.  If arriving at the ferry dock talk to the rental agency about meeting you there; though there are several car rental businesses in Roseau, none are located near the dock.

Learn More About Driving on Dominica



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Discover Villa Vidal... an exquisite lodging opportunity found lonly on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean... Dominica.